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Watch financial planning videos and download free investment guides to help you plan better

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Note: The Transact, Portfolio and A/C Statement services in the Goinvest app are available only to existing L&T Mutual Fund investors and can be accessed by using the same User ID and password that you use for accessing L&T Mutual Fund's online account

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You always like to be connected to the most important people in your life. Now you can do the same with your L&T Mutual Fund investments.

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Link Folio Online

L&T Mutual Fund Offline Investor? You can Link all folios online
If you are an existing L&T Mutual Fund investor and would like to use our online service, just link your existing folios and continue investing* anytime and from anywhere!

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Dividend Transfer Plan

Now you can transfer your dividends to any of our open-ended schemes. The DTP facility is available in the dividend options of all our open-ended schemes except L&T Tax Advantage Fund, L&T Tax Saver Fund and L&T Emerging Businesses Fund.

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Multi-Scheme SIP – Now investing is thrice as easy

A unique facility that gives you the convenience to invest monthly in up to three of our schemes by just filling one form and issuing one cheque*.

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Introducing the revolutionary SIP Top Up facility that gives you the power to begin a SIP in any of our schemes and increase the instalment amount at a half-yearly or annual frequency.

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